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Is there a particular type of signage or artwork that you specialize in?

My specialty is hand-painted signs and murals, however, I offer a wide variety of signage. 


Is there a particular geographic area you serve?

Based out of Orange County, Ca., I am available for projects anywhere depending on the scope of work, budget and timeline. I have traveled all over the U.S and Canada for projects. 


How do you determine your pricing?

Generally speaking, prices are determined by the time spent designing and painting. Some of the areas I take into consideration when providing a quote include whether or not I will be creating an original design, the complexity of the design, and the size of the project. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, when you decide to hire me for my services, I require a 50% deposit.  The remainder will be due when the project is complete.


What do I need for our initial conversation?

Our initial conversation is an important time for me to learn what type of artwork you are looking for. I like to talk one-on-one with my clients to get a feel for their vision, style, and preferences.  More than likely I will also do a site visit to take measurements and photos. Please be prepared to provide any particular colors or fonts that you need as well as an established logo if you have one. 


Why a painted sign or mural?

Just as today's consumer craves unique and handmade goods, they also crave uniquely defined spaces. Whether it's retail, restaurant, or commercial environments, people are in favor of things that are handmade by a true artisan.  A handcrafted sign or mural adds character to a space that cannot be replicated with vinyl or mass-produced signage. More and more consumers are looking for things and places that offer a meaningful, handcrafted feel. The signs and murals that I create will give them just that.

Why Choose Christopher Lord Designs?

When you work with CLD, you get a broad range of artistic services that other sign painters or sign companies cannot offer. Clients appreciate my versatility; I can design your custom logo, handcraft and install your signage, and paint a mural to complete your branding.

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